Earn a Bike at the Green Bay Bicycle Collective

Northeast Wisconsin’s Earn-a-Bike program

As part of our mission to improve bicycle accessibility in Green Bay, area residents can earn a refurbished bike in our Earn-a-Bike program. In the program, participants volunteer their time at the Collective to learn bike basics and gain a free bike. Participants are usually between ages 10 and 17, although we can make exceptions based on individual circumstances. Younger children can participate in bike safety rodeos to earn a bike. The program aids in local crime prevention by reducing bike thefts and teaching children and teens skills that aid in job procurement.

kids learning bike maintenance

Earn-a-bike program stages

Earn-a-Bike program participants complete a minimum of 12 hours of education and maintenance. Program graduates can volunteer additional hours to upgrade their bikes. To graduate the program, participants must complete the following stages:

bicycle safety

Earn-a-Bike participants learn about bike parts, Green Bay cycling laws, and how to ride safely and comfortably.

boy working on bike

bike maintenance & repair

Participants learn tune-ups, how to fix a flat tire or broken chain, and how to keep a bike in tip-top condition.

practical application

At the end of the program, participants complete a cycling safety exam and practice what participants learned on a group ride.

Interested in our Earn-a-Bike program or want to donate a bike?

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