60457_643867258976264_313675197_nDon’t let chilly temperatures and SNOW stop you from riding!  We Wisconsinites revel in our ability to navigate the winter weather and most of us already participate in non-biking winter activities.  We also live in a very innovative time with great gear made from the latest materials.  So there’s no such thing as ‘bad weather’, just bad clothing.  Plus, fat bikes, tire studs, and even bike trainers keep us in bike mode.  But what about plowed sidewalks and trails?  Cities like Minneapolis have proven that if you maintain trails in winter, people will use them.

Are you interested in seeing trails in the Greater Green Bay area cleared in winter? The GBBC has been working with local officials and health advocacy groups to make the Fox River Trail accessible year-round.  If you’d like to send a letter of support, here’s how…

Send an e-mail to the following Brown County representatives (you should be able to copy and paste)…

corriecampbell11@yahoo.com, staush4district5@gmail.com, katerstom@rocketmail.com, hck2028@aol.com, jvdpvd@gmail.com, Kriese_MM@co.brown.wi.us, Meghan@Live54218.org

Copy and paste the following statement and feel free to add any additional comment.  Be sure to include some contact info so the county representatives know you are in fact real…

Dear Members of the Brown County Education and Recreation Committee,

As a resident of Brown County, it is my pleasure to write a letter of support in regards to winter maintenance of the Fox River Trail.  Allowing users to access the trail in winter means not only increased healthy activity for our residents, but year-round access to local businesses, parks, and jobs via the most popular trail in the state.  Winter maintenance of the Fox River Trail also keeps Brown County relevant to the increased demands for bicycle and pedestrian accommodations that are otherwise prevented by an inaccessible corridor connecting several communities in North East Wisconsin.

[Insert personal reason here]

In conclusion, I fully support winter maintenance of the Fox River Trail and look forward to the positive effect it will have on our community.


[Contact Info]

That’s it!  Sending a quick email in favor of a project can have amazing, lasting effects.  If you have additional questions about this project please contact Meghan at Meghan@Live54218.org or 920-593-3401

Thank you and we hope to see you out there!






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