RideonHere we go! Let’s binge and purge on bikes, bikes, bikes!

We’ve created a link just for this show, which has the flyer, forms, and a map.  Just look above (next to the ‘home’ page).

Some specifics for the show this weekend…There is a bike show (free to participants) with four categories (stock, custom, restored, and motorized). Spectators vote on their favorite bike in each category and the winners receive a plaque and a small prize. There are also bike vendors selling bikes and parts. Food and beverage available for purchase. The only fee is for bike vendors $15 in advance, $20 day of…
Awards are given out at 2pm, so the earlier one’s bike is there for spectators to vote on, the better. The event starts at 8, but spectators generally start showing up at 10. See you there!


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