This Is The Big One Folks!


Hosted By: Rat Riders


Another year and another Roctober! This event goes by many names…Sweetest Day Ride, Chocolate Ride, Chocolate Clunker, or what I always knew it as…Chocolate Clunker Cruiser Classic.  Say that 5 times really fast.  This ride is, by far, the largest clunker/cruiser critical mass ride we participate in here in Green Bay.  It’s always held on Sweetest Day, which is appropriate, since we stop at three different confectioners between Green Bay and De Pere.  As with all of our cruiser rides, we set a slow pace and encourage y’all to dust off those old single speeds and bring the whole family. There’s a skid contest and in the past, a tire tube blow-up contest.  There have been prizes for best bike story, oldest bike, most unique bike…etc.  So come on out!  It’s a blast and a great chance to meet fellow riders and enthusiasts.

A few words about critical mass rides…we ride as a group, so stick together.  Historically, we’ve averaged about 100 bikes on this ride, so we are definitely a presence on the streets.  The hosts will lead us through our route and if a traffic light changes on part of the group as we cross an intersection, keep going (so long as it’s obvious that cars are stayin’ put).  Let cars pass when possible and be vocal about traffic behind us or if a rider has a problem with their bike and needs to stop.  If you have any questions or concern, shoot us an e-mail.  And as always…

See you at the bike rack!




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