Donate to green bay bicycle collective

help make cycling possible for everyone

Bicycling is one of the most popular recreational activities, with over 51 million Americans taking part in it every year. It’s healthy, sustainable, and fun—and it’s something everyone should be able to enjoy. By supporting the Green Bay Bicycle Collective, you help ensure every resident in our area can partake in bicycling, whether as a primary mode of transportation or an after-school hobby. 

Your donation directly supports programs that help youth and adults gain access to bicycles, parts, bike repair services, safe transit systems, and a community that encourages connection, education, and wellness. From mobile bike repair services to community rides, your donation means we can achieve a city in which everyone can own and operate a bicycle! 

how your donation helps

$25 provides a tool

kids working on bikes in community bike shop.

bike parts, or supplies crucial for operating our programs.

$50 supplies a bike

two young boys working on bicycles inside a garage.

for our Earn-a-Bike program.

$100 repairs a bike

Green Bay Bicycle Collective volunteers posing with bike.

in our Mobile Bike Repair program.

$500 helps us find a shop

Image of bikes stored in Green Bay community bike shop.

and get even more people on bikes!