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Update: The comment period to the DOT has closed.  Contact info will be blocked to avoid unnecessary spam.  Thank you.

There comes a time when you settle into a project or cause and you realize, WOW, there’s much more we can do…that time has come for The GBBC!  Since we began almost five years ago, we’ve hosted and promoted dozens of rides, fundraisers, and benefits for the community.  Our supporter base includes urban riders, mountain bikers, racers, recreational riders, health promoters, businesses, and local officials.  So yes, we have become a collective of bicycle advocates, but  we’re not done by a long shot …

The Green Bay community is progressing rapidly, but the infrastructure and facilities available to us are becoming antiquated.  As the city takes on infrastructure updates, it’s imperative to let the powers that be know how important it is to the cycling and pedestrian community that we are included in these updates.

Here is a simple, painless way to help…

Highway 57, aka, Riverside Drive will be undergoing a major face lift (see summary below). Public comment is being taken until DECEMBER 4th.  If you already know the details and want to send a comment to the WISDOT, here is the address…

Email ********** Project Manager at… ************

Include your name and where you live in the area (zip code), so the DOT knows you are a resident.  Please be respectful and stay on topic.

Not sure what to say? Feel free to copy and paste the following statement…


Attn: ************,

We the residents of Greater Green Bay request the addition of bicycle lanes in the Wis 57 Improvement Project (ID 4085-38-00 and 4085-39-00). We feel a wide lane option does not address the safety concerns of pedestrians and cyclists and will result in increased vehicle speed. The addition of bicycle lanes will create a buffer between pedestrians and motorists, reducing the need for wider terraces and walkways.

Thank you


Want to know the details?  The project overview can be found here…

Too much information?  Here’s a quick summary…

There are currently two options to the Hwy 57/Riverside Dr. update.  A wide, outside lane option, or a non-wide outside lane option.  The speed limit for both options will remain the same.

  1. Wide outside lane.  Riverside Dr. will remain a four lane road with the two center lanes staying 11 feet wide.  The two outer lanes would be a wider 14 feet to accommodate cyclists, but there would not be a designated bike lane.  Why this doesn’t work for cyclilsts…The WisDOT has confirmed that wider lanes increase motorists speed and result in more severe injury in the event of an incident.  Also, in the case of pedestrians on the adjacent walkways, there is no buffer between them and motorists.
  2. Non-wide outside lane.  Riverside Dr. will remain a four lane road with 11 foot wide lanes with a 12 foot center turn lane.  No accommodations would be made for cyclists.

Why don’t cyclists just use the Fox River Trail?  Simply put, The Fox River Trail is not a viable option in that it’s a recreational trail that is not maintained in the winter, is not available for use after dark, is not free to use, and cannot safely accommodate commuter cyclists.

We hope that with this information, we can work progressively and positively to build a safer, healthier Green Bay.  Thank you and Ride On!



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